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"Change the way people perceive you,

and your reality will CHANGE"

Lift your business


Take it to a whole new level by using a digital business card. Your eCard features a compilation of your personal information for example: 
     -  Your Phone Number 
     -  Email Address 
     -  Website 
     -  Social Networks 
At a click of a button. 
Best of all, It can be shared endless of times and Never Run Out of cards.

Let’s face it:  


Your average business card is no longer suitable, todays digital era has made a turnover within the economy and society. That is the reason eCardClub has created a way to present yourself in a simple radical way, becoming the untold story everyone wants to hear.



All Digital Experience

Your clients, patients, co-workers will have access to any information you wish to provide.  With features such as calling you directly from your eCard or to have directions to your home or office with just one click! 


Download Contact Information 

Yes!, with just one click, your client can download your company's name, phone numbers, emails and addresses automatically into their cellphone!

Video Capability

Can I Have a video(s) in my eCard?  Yes, you can! 
-Promotional Videos
-Leadership Videos
-Life Story/Testimonials Videos
Any Video that will help project your purpose.

Social Media Ready

Can I share my social media? Yes, you can!

Provide those who you shared your eCard with fast access, not only to your phone number, let them discover you! Direct them to your Social Media such as:


- Twitter



With just one click, all in the palm of their hand. 

Already Have an Existing Website?
Great, We will add a Button and Link them to your website, directly from your eCard.


100% Affordable

Price within your budget.


Your eCard will be ready in just 1 business day! You don’t have to wait any longer.

eCard is more than just a business card
It is the combination of a capture page, including all of your key information, and the capacity to include all type of media.
We bet you, that your old fashion business card will not do it.

How Can I Share It
Simple, Scan the QR Code, Send it by Airdrop, Email or regular Text Messaging.

We assure, everyone who receives your eCard will be exited to see such innovation that will open doors to old, existing and new clients.

Let them know your there! 
Present Your Self with eCardClub.



Our vision is that every person in the world stops using business cards as we know them today, and start using a digital eCard, presenting themselves in a innovative, complete way, reducing paper consumption in the world.


Our mission is to create a tool with the capacity to facilitate the daily lives of our users, always implementing the best multimedia and creativity, in just one click.


All of this in one spot, for a great price, and best of all,

with NO monthly subscriptions!

Letras ecard MD.jpg

Is more than just a business card.



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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